MMM for H&M

So ladies, the next major H&M collaboration will be with us in the form of an Autumn/Winter collection with Maison Martin Margiela. I have to say many reactions have already spread across the fashion globe, from OMG amazing! to uh.. will this honestly live up to past collabs? Particularly Versace, I’d imagine. The Margeila label is pin-pointed for its avant-garde choices, but will this translate well from the skyline of Parisian fashion down to budgeted high-street clobber?

I think this is an exciting step for a rather elusive brand to raise awareness and to give the everyday woman a taste of MMM at H&M prices. However, many of the garments at the heart of Margeila’s signature style are used with top quality, sturdy fabrics, which will probably be abandoned for a collection on such a budget. Therefore, I hope this doesn’t turn into a collection of shoddy, flimsy knock-offs.

All in all, I haven’t been totally disappointed by a H&M collaboration (except with Madonna, let’s not go there), so we’ll just have to wait and see if the designs and price range lives up to the hype I guess!

See one design here in this short promo clip:

The collection will launch November 15 – so get ready to put your queuing shoes on!


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