Nailed: Chameleon

One of the exciting new arrivals from Barry M is the Chameleon range. As you may have guessed from their title, these polishes are colour shifters, all you need is a little clear nail polish to watch the magic begin. Another brilliant invention from the mighty Bazza! Standing alongside its new rival Denim, a blue, matte polish with a slight silver shimmer, and the new glitter shades (which I’m desperate to try!), Chameleon definately has the edge.

I have all three of the Chameleon naill effect polishes, in lilac, pink and blue. Pictured above is the lilac chameleon. The lilac has a silver shimmer and is one of the strongest colour changers out of the three metallic shades. After applying just one coat (which dries extremely quickly) you can create designs using just clear nail polish, which when applied, seems to melt and dye the original colour underneath. For my quick and simple design I used the brush of my clear polish to create a diagonal design on my nails. I used two coats of the clear polish to achieve a darker colour change, which is a dark lavender colour with a blue tinge. If you want just a slight, ombre change then opt for one, light coat.
Note – You cannot add a top coat to this design as this will just transform the colour of the entire nail.

I’ve always loved Barry M nail paint. Their prices are brilliant for the colour shades they offer and the nail effects you can achieve. If you love to experiment with polishes on a budget, Barry M is perfect for you as you can buy 3 nail paint colours for the price of just one Essie.

Barry M Chameleon nail paints retail at £3.99 online and at Superdrug and Boots stores. Original nail paints are still £2.99

Enter their competition today!

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