Becoming a fashion intern…

Me with the River Island Press Day dollies!

Me with the River Island Press Day dollies!

As you’ve all noticed I’ve been useless at updating my blog lately, I have just been SO busy this summer!

It all started off in June; I’d passed my 2nd year at Uni and also passed my driving test first time, which brought with it a bout of happiness and positivity.

Since then my life has turned a corner and is everything I’d wanted it to be, working my way up to where I want to be. By the end of June I’d bagged myself an internship with the River Island press office!!

I can honestly say the experience gained there was so worthwhile and the people I’ve met and kept in contact with are irreplaceable. I tried my best to be myself there and I think this was appreciated, along with hard work, passion and a smile! Nothing was ever too much, I don’t remember ever saying the word ‘no’ or ‘I can’t ‘, to be honest I was grateful and happy to be doing every task given to me.

After 6 weeks of interning at River, it was sadly my time to leave. From this however the girls helped me get an internship with the Daily Mirror newspaper, working in the fashion cupboard, calling in product, assisting on photoshoots and putting together fashion columns. I’ve been told I can stay on until I start my third year at Uni which is a bonus and gives me loads of experience under my belt! I’m really enjoying being a fashion intern, however it can be tiring working in retail at the weekend too, but I know this is worthwhile and may help me in getting a job after Uni…fingers crossed!

I’ll post snapshots of my published columns in my next post for you to have a peek! Any questions on fashion interning feel free to comment đŸ™‚

With love,


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