Nailed: Chameleon

One of the exciting new arrivals from Barry M is the Chameleon range. As you may have guessed from their title, these polishes are colour shifters, all you need is a little clear nail polish to watch the magic begin. Another brilliant invention from the mighty Bazza! Standing alongside its new rival Denim, a blue, matte polish with a slight silver shimmer, and the new glitter shades (which I’m desperate to try!), Chameleon definately has the edge.

I have all three of the Chameleon naill effect polishes, in lilac, pink and blue. Pictured above is the lilac chameleon. The lilac has a silver shimmer and is one of the strongest colour changers out of the three metallic shades. After applying just one coat (which dries extremely quickly) you can create designs using just clear nail polish, which when applied, seems to melt and dye the original colour underneath. For my quick and simple design I used the brush of my clear polish to create a diagonal design on my nails. I used two coats of the clear polish to achieve a darker colour change, which is a dark lavender colour with a blue tinge. If you want just a slight, ombre change then opt for one, light coat.
Note – You cannot add a top coat to this design as this will just transform the colour of the entire nail.

I’ve always loved Barry M nail paint. Their prices are brilliant for the colour shades they offer and the nail effects you can achieve. If you love to experiment with polishes on a budget, Barry M is perfect for you as you can buy 3 nail paint colours for the price of just one Essie.

Barry M Chameleon nail paints retail at £3.99 online and at Superdrug and Boots stores. Original nail paints are still £2.99

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Nailed: Easter Bunnies

I had a few hours spare recently and thought I’d go a bit nail design crazy. I was inspired funnily enough by a toddler running around my workplace with fantastic easter chic nails, telling me she’d had them done at her friend’s birthday party the day before (aww!). With different designs on each tiny nail, from easter egg spots and stripes, yellow chicks and white fluffy bunnies, the latter was my favourite design. The following day I grabbed a few trusty Barry M bottles and started work on my easter bunny creation.

Here are the colours and tools I used:

  • A few wooden cuticle sticks from manicure and false nail sets
  • No7 So Smooth Base Coat
  • Barry M Nail Paint in 66 Matt White
  • Barry M Nail Paint in 318 Peach Melba (one of my absolute favourite colours!)
  • Barry M Nail Paint in 308 Berry Ice Cream
  • L.A. Colors Color Craze in 427 Summertime
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in 080 Mover (Which has now actually all but dried up, in the bottle and at Rimmel where it has been discontinued and now re-invented as 080 Black Cab)

Forgive me for not posting step by step photos, the process was lengthy as it was so don’t attempt unless you have a good one to two hours spare!

Firstly, I gave my nails a base coat as the colours that go into producing the design can cause discolouration to the nails. I then painted a thin pink shade using L.A. Colors’ Summertime over all of my nails except my fourth finger on each hand. For the fourth fingernails I painted one coat of Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream. Back to the pink nails, I then carefully used Barry M’s Matt White to draw (with the brush) two lines, with a gap either side and between eachother, the full length of the nail to create the bunny’s ears. I then painted, again in white, a half moon shape over these two lines to form the bunny’s head. When waiting for this to dry I then painted another coat of Berry Ice Cream over the fourth fingernails, ready to be dotted with white spots once dry.

Once the white bunny shape dried I carefully painted the inside of the ears with Barry M’s Peach Melba. I used a few of the cuticle sticks to dot on black eyes and a pink nose using the Rimmel and L.A. Colors shades shown previously. I then went back to my two Berry shade nails and dotted these with white spots, again using the cuticle sticks. Finish all the nails with a clear top coat to blend all the design and create a shiny surface. You can also use the cuticle sticks to help remove any excess paint around the nails.

After a few mistakes and cases where I rushed the drying process (which is the annoying part when using so many layers!), I finally had my Easter Bunny Nails.
Here is the final result:

Nailed: All that glitz…

For the last couple of weeks I’ve happily switched between two gorgeous Barry M pastel shades – Peach Melba and Strawberry Ice Cream. But with all this lovely, sunny spring weather we’ve been having, it was only a matter of time before the dull rain clouds overcast Essex once again. This has resulted in me switching up my nail colour once again, reflecting a shade more suitable for the april showers that await. I’ve opted for a glitter encrusted design with a iris purple undercoat, for a sparkling galaxy look.

To create my look, I firstly used L.A. Colors Color Craze in Tropical Breeze. I received this polish as a birthday gift, and being my first time using it, I was generally quite impressed. Although you need a fair few coats before receiving a totally even colour (3-4 in my case), the polish dries quickly and thus far has a chip resisting quality.

Secondly, I used Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish polish in 500 Disco Ball. As with most glitter nail polishes, many layers are needed to create a thick sparkling look. This polish has silver glitter particles and slightly larger blue holograms and suited well with the Color Craze undercoat.

Finally I used one coat of Barry M’s 244 Hologram polish to add larger glitter pieces to my galaxy fingers. The polish also acts as a clear top coat, so no other polish is needed after this.

Although my nails are now thickly coated and did take a while to produce, I’m happy with the result (do mind my messy nails, not the best they’ve looked I’m afraid!).