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This is my published fashion column for The Daily Mirror- a selection of the best army jackets


Becoming a fashion intern…

Me with the River Island Press Day dollies!

Me with the River Island Press Day dollies!

As you’ve all noticed I’ve been useless at updating my blog lately, I have just been SO busy this summer!

It all started off in June; I’d passed my 2nd year at Uni and also passed my driving test first time, which brought with it a bout of happiness and positivity.

Since then my life has turned a corner and is everything I’d wanted it to be, working my way up to where I want to be. By the end of June I’d bagged myself an internship with the River Island press office!!

I can honestly say the experience gained there was so worthwhile and the people I’ve met and kept in contact with are irreplaceable. I tried my best to be myself there and I think this was appreciated, along with hard work, passion and a smile! Nothing was ever too much, I don’t remember ever saying the word ‘no’ or ‘I can’t ‘, to be honest I was grateful and happy to be doing every task given to me.

After 6 weeks of interning at River, it was sadly my time to leave. From this however the girls helped me get an internship with the Daily Mirror newspaper, working in the fashion cupboard, calling in product, assisting on photoshoots and putting together fashion columns. I’ve been told I can stay on until I start my third year at Uni which is a bonus and gives me loads of experience under my belt! I’m really enjoying being a fashion intern, however it can be tiring working in retail at the weekend too, but I know this is worthwhile and may help me in getting a job after Uni…fingers crossed!

I’ll post snapshots of my published columns in my next post for you to have a peek! Any questions on fashion interning feel free to comment ūüôā

With love,

Nailed: Chameleon

One of the exciting new arrivals from Barry M is the Chameleon range. As you may have guessed from¬†their title, these polishes are colour shifters, all you need is a little clear nail polish to¬†watch the magic begin. Another brilliant invention from the mighty Bazza!¬†Standing alongside its new rival¬†Denim, a blue, matte polish with a slight silver shimmer, and the new glitter shades (which I’m desperate to try!), Chameleon definately has the edge.

I have all three of the Chameleon naill effect polishes, in lilac, pink and blue. Pictured above is the lilac chameleon. The lilac has a silver shimmer and is one of the strongest colour changers out of the three metallic shades. After applying just one coat (which dries extremely quickly) you can create designs using just clear nail polish, which when applied, seems to melt and dye the original colour underneath. For my quick and simple design I used the brush of my clear polish to create a diagonal design on my nails. I used two coats of the clear polish to achieve a darker colour change, which is a dark lavender colour with a blue tinge. If you want just a slight, ombre change then opt for one, light coat.
Note – You cannot add a top coat to this design as this will just transform the colour of the entire nail.

I’ve always loved Barry M nail paint. Their prices are brilliant for the colour shades they offer and the nail effects you can achieve. If you love to experiment with polishes on a budget, Barry M is perfect for you as you can buy 3 nail paint colours for the price of just one Essie.

Barry M Chameleon nail paints retail at £3.99 online and at Superdrug and Boots stores. Original nail paints are still £2.99

Enter their competition today!

Click above for deets!

Cheap as chips

Grab these bargains while you can ladies!

Floral print bow back dress

This River Island dress has been a popular favourite of mine since it launched in stores and online. It was first featured in the brand’s Style Insider magazine where I fell head over heels with their ‘flora’ trend. I’ve tried it on many a time, but always failed to part with its ¬£60 price tag. So at the weekend when I noticed it was on promotion for a mere ¬£25 (that’s ¬£35 knocked off the original price guys!) I was stunned and there was no doubt in my mind whether to buy it or not.

The dress has many features, firstly, a very Mary Katrantzou-inspired floral print. Florals are of course, perfect for summer (that’s if we ever have one here in miserable Britain!) but also very versatile in what you can wear with them, dressed up or down.

Secondly, the dress sports a padded shoulder, which I particularly love, and a large bow across the back. The creates an even prettier effect on such a structured dress.

This floral number is also made with an excellent quality of materials, it is thick to give the dress its structured shaping but is also very well lined, with tulle to boost the cocoon/tulip effect.

The ¬£19.99 Zara messenger bag you’ll love – steal!

Zara have ceased to fail me with their accessories for a long while. I absolutely love them. The quality is never hindered in place of style, which I find with other high street brands. I am one of many, who¬†fell for the big and beautiful¬†A/W shopper last year, and have been craving another Zara fix to carry on my arm. So when I came across this messenger bag online, I couldn’t believe the price. My instant reaction told me that maybe the bag was a not-so-nice to touch plastic bag that wasn’t much bigger than my hand. How I was proved wrong.

I visited my nearest store and this cheap as chips bag was irresistable. The grey colour is my favourite and¬†is as soft as it’s touch which¬†rather resembles an elephant’s skin. The rose coloured gold fastener and¬†handle links compliment the rest of bag too. Once the bag is filled up, it sits extremely well by the waist, and is also large enough to use as a work/school bag. After being utterly suprised by the quality for such a price tag, I nabbed myself one, and so should you!

Floral & pastel co-ordinates

I’ve been searching for a floral co-ordinate set for a while now. I know Topshop has a beautiful shorts and blazer set, as well as River Island. These can however, be quite pricey, with blazers ranging from ¬£45-70 before you’ve even considered the shorts to match. So you’ll believe me in saying that I was truly surprised when I came across Matalan‘s website today, where I could bag a pastel daisy print blazer with matching shorts for just ¬£25!! The blazer has been reduced from ¬£20 to ¬£14 and the shorts, ¬£16 to ¬£11. The only downfall- the blazer was sold out in my size online, and when I checked back a few hours later the whole page ceased to exist. I’m going to visit a store tomorrow and hopefully they will have some left! If not I’ll be gutted I missed out on such a great bargain and might have to just settle with the shorts.

Here is a little moodboard featuring the co-ordinates and what I’d like to dress them with:

Floral & pastel co-ordinates

MMM for H&M

So ladies, the next major H&M collaboration will be with us in the form of an Autumn/Winter collection with Maison Martin Margiela. I have to say many reactions have already spread across the fashion globe, from OMG amazing! to uh.. will this honestly live up to past collabs? Particularly Versace, I’d imagine. The Margeila label is pin-pointed for its avant-garde choices, but will this translate well from the skyline of Parisian fashion down to budgeted high-street clobber?

I think this is an exciting step for a rather elusive brand to raise awareness and to give the everyday woman a taste of MMM at H&M prices. However, many of the garments at the heart of Margeila’s signature style are used with top quality, sturdy fabrics, which will probably be abandoned for a collection on such a budget.¬†Therefore, I hope this doesn’t turn into a collection of shoddy, flimsy¬†knock-offs.

All in all, I haven’t been totally disappointed by a H&M collaboration (except with Madonna, let’s not go there), so we’ll just have to wait¬†and see if the¬†designs and price range lives up to the hype¬†I guess!

See one design here in this short promo clip:

The collection will launch November 15 – so get ready to put your queuing shoes on!